in Croatia



                                                  OUR OFFER

    - BIG GAME FISHING-  big tunas, swordfishes, sharks

   - CLASSIC FISHING-  tunas, bonitos, dentex, yellowtails

   - SMALL FISHING-  giltheads, sharp-snouted sparkus 

   - EXCURSIONS-  locations and activities by choice



   - We offer big game fishing in combination of trolling and drifting.

   - You can trough a baits in the sea by the speed of 5-7 knots with

     two or more rods. We use artificial bait or alive bait.

   - You stand while you are drifting and troughing pieces of baits   

     in the sea. We fish with two or more rods.

   - The boat is equipped with fishing chair, neccessary rods

    and reels for pulling out the bigest pieces of 

     tunas, sharks and seafishes.




   - For  catching middle size fishes we use trolles with alive baits. 

  - On one rods with a stone you trough the bait into a depht of a   

    sea, while you are draging another two rods on the surface

    of the sea.

  - Depending of the season we trolle near the coast for dentex,   

    yellowtail, or in open sea for tunas, sharks and bonitos.

  - We also trough a long-line.   




      - You can fish for all kind of small fishes with small rods  

       from the boat.

      - For the bates it is used sardines, sqides,bibi,shells ...

      - Positions by the coast depend on what kind of fish you want

        to catch. We can also use the long-line.




     - Excursions on deserted beaches for swimming, including  

       seasighting. It is possible to make a reservation for lunch 

       in one of restaurants on the islands Krk or Cres.